FIDERE Senior Resource Solutions

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Fidere SRS offers resources and solutions for Seniors — and those who love them. We are here to help, here to care, here to … fill in the gaps. Through a wide array of products and services, we honor Seniors by helping them have and maintain fulfilled, healthy, happy lives.

Services for Seniors

  • Locate community
  • Debris removal
  • Health reports
  • Professional referrals
  • Senior-friendly gifts
  • Grocery shopping
  • Home safety report
  • Fall risk review
  • Monthly “surprise”

  • Positive affirmation therapy
  • Yarn art gifts
  • Letter writing
  • Memory stimulation exercises
  • Coordinated move-ins
  • Regular visitation
  • Play board games
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Family updates

  • Med record checks
  • Medication checks
  • Dog walking
  • Errand running
  • Reminder service
  • Attend appointments
  • Hidey hole shelf
  • LTC ins assistance
  • Other services

Ask about our Professional Referral List (ex: CPA, Realtor, Financial Planner, Housekeeping Services, moving services, etc.)

Services for Communities

  • Meaningful activities
  • Referrals
  • Positive affirmation therapy
  • Medical record report
  • Newsletter
  • Another point of contact for residents
  • Senior-friendly gifts
  • Engraved items, plaques, gifts
  • Gifts for employees
  • Memory stimulation exercises
  • Other services

In order to honor and augment services for Seniors, FIDERE Senior Resource Solutions is here to partner with you. We will be your champion, too! An engaged resident is one who is happier, healthier, and will love a longer more fulfilled life — and one who will continue to bless your community.

Anywhere can be home when you have the right people, the right services, and the right company to partner with you.

Let FIDERE Senior Resource Solutions tailor a person-specific program to help make the Senior in your life feel… cherished and valued. We offer a comprehensive range of services, products and Senior-friendly gifts.

Call today for an appointment with Shelley. We’ll sit down over coffee and see how we can help!

Pronounced fih-DEER, our name comes from Latin and is the root word for “trust” and “have faith”. Fidere is also the root word for fidelity and fealty. Our belief system, our credo, our meaning starts with our name.

Our belief system is at the core of all that we do, all that we are here at Fidere Senior Resource Solutions. We believe it’s much more than just karma. It is a Universal Law that like attracts like. Fidere’s employees and owners embrace this concept. More than that, we live it. We are ALL here to love, to embrace, to be of service to one another. When we do, we are ALL able to grow, able to fly.


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